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Knowledge is a ticket out of poverty. Image

Knowledge is a ticket out of poverty.

The Salvation Army operates hundreds of after school programs in low and moderate income neighborhoods across the country.

By the end of 4th grade, low-income students are already two years behind grade level.

By the time they reach the 12th grade, the same kids are four years behind.

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The Everett Salvation Army participates in territorial music competition.

This year is the first year that The Salvation Army in Everett has competed in a competition called Encore. First the young people compete at a divisional level in Seattle. While at our competition in April our Singing Company (Kid's Choir) received 4th place, our girls dance troupe received 1st place and we have a solo artist who sang his heart out and and received 1st place. The dance group and our solo artist will be traveling to California to participate in the territorial competition in June!

The Salvation Army supplements and supports kids' educational opportunities through a variety of programs.

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Salvation Army Troops

The Salvation Army has a program for children known as troops. this character building ministry is an important part of The Salvation Army's mission. It not only teaches our youth practical life skills, but also tells them about the love of God and how it relates to their lives. Here kids earn badges much like boys and girl scouts. Our Troops programs are linked with SAY (Salvation Army Youth) week at Camp Arnold, where the kids can earn special emblems that they can only get at camp! We also have group and individual music lessons available. 


 Our troops programs are on Thursday nights from 7-8pm at 2525 Rucker Ave.


Our Troops are divided into age groups as follows, 

Moonbeams: preschool-Kinder aged boys and girls

Sunbeams: 1st-5th grade girls

Girl Guards: 6th-12th grade girls

Explorers: 1st-4th grade boys

Rangers: 5th-8th grade boys


For more information about youth programs in Everett, call (425) 259-8129.